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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Truth behind 9 / 11 WTC Attack

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EDITORIAL: FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Vs AUTOCRACY – Truth behind 9 / 11 WTC Terrorist Attack

Freedom is the inherent quality, natural trait of every human being
to carve out his own destiny. It is the resultant urge of everyone to
secure release from squalor, hunger, poverty and ignorance. Freedom -
urge to get oneself free from material wants/needs. This urge itself
makes human being inquisitive , persevere, plan, innovate, act &
achieve his goals . based on these in -born natural traits of a human
being - a level playing field is spread out for every one to secure
freedom from material wants. That level field is the DEMOCRACY. As
there is a boundary line to the field, there are certain limits -
social, cultural & statutory to the democracy, with in the
boundaries, there is a level playing field for growth to every one
i.e. freedom, guarding one-self & his fellows not to cross that limit
is " Responsibility/ Duties". As there are four corner stones to a
field, there are Legislative, Executive, Judiciary & the enlightened
citizens or press.
This in-born urge to freedom is therefore a natural birth right, a
human right. Democracy-the system of governance based on the natural
traits of human beings and ensuring their organic growth, is built
upon this very foundation. Thus The Constitution of India" has
rightly incorporated it in letter & spirit , in the very first page
as the pre-amble & the fundamental rights. The boundary line, the
limit is the " Fundamental Duties / Responsibilities". one of these
fundamental / human rights is " Freedom of Speech & expression (Right
to Information) " As per the constitution of India nobody the
President, Prime minister, Chief Minister, Speaker, Judges nor a
Journalist has special rights which makes him superior to a citizen
of India, under special, critical circumstances constitutional
functionaries are empowered with special privileges only to safeguard
the democratic set-up, to safe guard the unity & integrity of the
nation but not to make themselves superior & to subjugate his fellow
citizens into slavery.

Nowadays due to widespread criminalisation - unwanted elements have
entered into corridors of power - politics, bureaucracy & Judiciary.

>From the seats of power they are running their criminal dens. Media /

press expresses the collective voice of the citizens and is the
source of information to the citizens. As more & more media reports
came out informing the people about the misdeeds / crimes of powers
that be and collectively expressed the anguish of the people,
criminals in power started feeling the heat, until the people were
ignorant about the crimes committed by powers that be until the
people were disunited / lacked collective voice, the criminals in
power were making windfall profits through their crimes. So the
information of their crimes must not reach the people - It is the key
to their riches . So some of these constitutional functionaries
physically assaulted media persons, got them beaten - up & even
murdered the dissenting media / human rights activists. The speakers
of the various state legislatures and of the parliament, started
censoring the diatribes of peoples representatives from the records
of proceedings of the house, live telecasts of the proceedings of the
house are fully censored. Most of the M.L.A.s M.Ps. are not even
aware of their duties. They don't even attend the house punctually.
Some of these members behaviour is against the dignity & decorum of
the house. All these misbehaviour of M.Ps & M.L.As were widely
reported in the media. So the criminals - the powers that be invoked
the special privileges under the normal circumstances itself and
choked , strangulated the throat of source of information /
expression - The Media / press.

Nowadays it is becoming frequent with Judges & the people's
representatives, to slap contempt proceedings "Against Journalists &
citizens" who demand information / accountability & against those who
speak - out against the crimes of Judges, MPs & M.L.As. Even if one
struggles through all hardships & tries to legally prosecute those
criminals, they escape legal prosecution / conviction through "Legal
Immunity Privileges". The recent cases are the "Roost resort case
involving Karnataka High Court Judges" where in the Karnataka high
Court slapped contempt proceedings against various news publications
and the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly speakers arrest warrant
against the journalists of The Hindu" & "Murusoli".

Now a time has come to clearly demarcate, define under what
circumstances these special privileges / Legal immunity privileges
accorded to the constitutional functionaries can be exercised. Also
certain sections of the constitution of India like the tenth schedule
the directive principles of the government, official's secret act
Reservation Policy, Article 370, various non-uniform civil codes
etc., which are at present non- justifiable are all together shaking
the very foundations of democracy. Thereby suppressing the natural
trait of human being to be free & destroying the level playing
field . Free- flow of information is the life-line of a functioning
democracy. Ensure , protect & preserve it.

Your's Sincerely,

Mining sets Assembly on fire

The controversy over illegal mining took an ugly turn in the Legislative Assembly on Friday with a handful of BJP MLAs aligned with the ‘Bellary Reddys’ menacingly moving towards Congress legislators and one even threatening a to “finish” a Congress member when he came out.

In the surcharged atmosphere, even Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, who was replying to the discussion on mining, lost his cool at one point and charged towards Opposion leader Siddaramiah,  but he was pulled back by a colleague. He later apologised to the House.

The House witnessed heated exchanges between the Congress and the Treasury benches when the CM said that Tourism Minister Janardhana Reddy should be allowed to give his version on the allegations against him regarding mining.

The Congress leaders strongly opposed it saying that the CM should first clarify their doubts over the mining issue. “Reddy is an interested party in the issue. Also, he is not the mining or forest minister to speak about it,” they vehemently argued.

With no meeting point between the two sides, Speaker K G Bopaiah adjourned the House for Monday even as the Congress members were staging a dharna in the well of the House.

After the adjournment, suddenly there was a din in the House. Dinesh Gundu Rao (Cong), looking at the supporters of the Reddys, said, “This is Bangalore and not Bellary. Don’t show your high-handedness here as you do in Bellary.”  Provoked by this, Suresh Babu, BJP MLA from Kampli, Bellary, pounced on Rao saying, “We will finish you...Come out...”

Babu is a close confidant of Janardhana Reddy and related to Minister B Sriramulu. Immediately, Janardhana Reddy, his minister brother Karunakara Reddy and another brother Somashekar Reddy along with party MLAs Nagaraj and Nagendra began shouting at Rao. There was a free flow of unparliamentary words from the warring factions. Some MLAs made futile attempts to pacify the fighting MLAs.

The CM had left the House by that time. Somashekar Reddy was seen throwing a book at the Congress members. The din continued for sometime before the Reddys of the mine-rich Bellary and their supporters left the Assembly hall. But the Congress and the JD(S) members refused to leave the venue.

Uproarious Scenes in Karnataka Assembly; Members Almost Come to Blows

Bangalore, Jul 9: Uproarious scenes and dharnas as well as opposition and ruling party members almost coming to blows were witnessed in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly on Friday during and after Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa’s reply on the week-long debate on the resignation of Lokayukta Justice N Santhosh Hegde and illegal mining in the state.
Even more unprecedented was the incident involving the Chief Minister losing his cool and leaving his seat by aggressively moving towards Congress Opposition leader in the Assembly Siddaramaiah as if to physically assault and later tendering an apology, when the entire opposition members staged a dharna inside the House.

The situation was so much worse that Congress and BJP members went to the extent of lodging criminal complaints against each other with the police and also with the Speaker. With Congress members threatening their protest and dharna on Monday also, the Speaker has convened a meeting on Monday to resolve the impasse.
The Chief Minister’s repeated tendering of apology and regretting his actions as well as promise to control his emotions defused the situation and the succeeded in convincing the opposition members to withdraw their dharna though they persisted in their demand for a CBI probe, which has been rejected by the Government.
Incidentally, the Chief Minister’s detailed reply in the House over the Lokayukta’s resignation and illegal mining issues and the subsequent statement that Infrastructure and Tourism Minster G Janardhana Reddy would give his reply sparked off a furore as opposition members stoutly protested contending that the Bellary minister had no locus standii to give a reply because he was neither the minister in charge of mining nor forests as both portfolios were under the control of Yeddyurappa.
The opposition tirade against the Bellary Reddy brothers, with Janardhana Reddy being the focus point, and the heated exchange of words between Congress and BJP members led to members almost coming to blows with each other. The BJP member from Kampli Suresh Babu, who is considered quite close to the Bellary Reddy brothers, rushed as if to attack Congress member Dinesh Gundu Rao for his comments that the alleged goondagiri of Bellary will not be allowed nor tolerated inside the House.
Immediately bedlam ensued in the Assembly and Speaker K G Bopaiah, who sensed the situation was going out of control, immediately adjourned the House to meet and Monday. However, the opposition and ruling party members continued their dharna and exchange of words with threatening gestures against each other. The BJP members G Somashekara Reddy, Suresh Babu, Nagendra as well as ministers Janardhana Reddy and G Karunakara Reddy were behind the ruling party members while Congress members supported Dinesh Gundu Rao, with D K Shiva Kumar, N L Narendra Babu and many others defending their party.
Even though the Speaker had adjourned the House, the dharna and heated exchanges of words continued in the Assembly even after its adjournment and the Congress members who sat in dharna for hours together had lunch inside the well of the house.
Incidentally, with Janardhana Reddy, Suresh Babu and other BJP members attacking the Congress and Siddaramaiah for their behavior and ``baseless’’ allegations against them and challenging the Congress party to hold rallies in Bellary if it had the guts, Siddaramaiah shot back outside the House that the party would organise rallies not only in Bellary district but also in front of the residence of Reddy brothers in Bellary.
Earlier in his 21-page detailed reply, Yeddyurappa alleged that illegal iron ore export has been rampant for the last seven years and a whopping over 30 million tonnes of ore has been illegally exported from the State from 2003-04 to 2009-10. The political parties which ruled the state in the past had given mining permits to their party men and relatives and allowed to “loot” the ore illegally during the last six years.
Apart from allowing illegal export ore from Mangalore, Karwar and Bellekere ports, over 76 million tonnes ore had been exported from Chennai, Mormugao Goa, Krishnapattam, Kakinada and Vaizag ports. The ore has also been illegally exported from ports located in other states, he said.

Illegal export of iron ore was 20,49,961 tonnes in 2003-04, 52,39,528 tonnes in 2004-05, 21,71,492 tonnes in 2005-06, 47,44,645 tonnes in 2006-07, 57,61,048 tonnes in 2007-08, 33,96,126 tonnes in 2008-09 and 71,27,937 tonnes in 2009-10.
A total of 284.5 lakh tonnes exported from Chennai port, 264 lakh tonnes from Mormugao Goa, 117 lakh tonnes from Krishnapattam, 81 lakh tonnes from Kakinada, 17.5 lakh tonnes from Vaizag ports from 2003-04 to 2009-10, he said.
Miners have extended their mining in 7,558 hectares of forests in the State against 15,387 hectares in Orissa, 13,532 hectares in Andhra Pradesh, 10,058 hectares in Madhya Pradesh, and 4,996 hectares of forests in Rajasthan. There are about 15,000 illegal mines in the country.

In addition to destruction of ecology and roads in the State, mining led to degradation of groundwater level and adversely affected the health of many people and this has been confirmed by a study conducted by the Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment, he said.
The Dharam Singh government had issued notifications for 33 mining permits, 19 by the H D Kumaraswamy government, nine during the Presidents’ rule and only two by the BJP government, Yeddyurappa said.
The Chief Minister, who referred mining stories published in an  English magazine of July 16, 2010, said the government has taken several steps to curb illegal mining and illegal transportation of ore. It has decided to introduce e-permits to ensure transparency in granting permits for mining.

The Government had announced a new mining policy in 2008 to encourage value addition for minerals. A decision has been taken to give permits for only those companies which set up industries to provide value addition to the ore.
To check illegal transportation of ore, check posts and integrated check posts have been established in several places in Chitradurga, Tumkur, Bellary, Dakshina Kannada, and Uttara
Kannada districts, the Chief Minister said demanding that a national policy to curb illegal mining and also to ban indiscriminate export of iron ore and for use of the ore for steel production in the country.
Permits of companies involved in illegal mining would not be renewed and the Government was in favour of banning of iron exports. Instead of bulk permits, permits would be given to each loads and trips.
Toll plazas would be set up in 10 places and information on mining would be obtained through high resolution satellite data and images. A coordination and empowered committee headed by the Chief Secretary has been set up to monitor cases related to mining, he said.
A toll of Rs. 500 was imposed on each truck of iron ore load and collection stood at Rs. 320 crore. The forest development tax collection recorded at Rs. 336 crore in 2009-10 and Rs. 187 crore so far, he said.
Referring to demands of the Lokayukta, he said 15 posts had been sanctioned in last May and 12 technical posts last month. A notification has been issued to sanction 292 new posts.
Permission has been granted to set up the Lokayukta office at newly crated Yadgir district. An order has been issued to provide free bus passes to the Lokayukta police, the Chief Minister said.
However, dissatisfied with the reply, the Opposition staged a dharna in the House. The Speaker adjourned the House to meet on Monday.


Visit , read the petition & support by signing the petition demanding

Visit , read the petition & support by signing the petition demanding

India, U.S.A , U.K , Pakistan and various other countries
have given birth to & supported various terror outfits, all with the
objective of widening their area of influence, to get hold of
governance of other countries, to loot resources of other countries.
At no time they were bothered about the welfare of innocent people
in those victim countries.

Now, when the Frankenstein monster they fathered TERRORISM
is haunting them , came home to roost in their own backyards , all
these countries are crying foul.
Take for instance Pakistan , it has got enough problems on hand , poverty , unemployment , malnutrition , hunger , illiteracy is rampant in Pakistan. Ordinary Pakistanis are suffering, ordinary Pakistanis does not need neither war nor jihad , what they need is food , healthcare , education for their children.

Take for instance india, it has lot of problems on hand
like starvation, lack of education , health care, etc. The GOI says
it doesn't have enough funds to solve these problems. These problems
are of pre-independece vintage, increasing multifold after
independence of india. Still the government of india spent crores of
rupees on training , arming of tamil terrorists in srilanka ,
unnecessarily poked it's nose in east pakistan creating bangladesh,
created terrorist outfits in punjab & northeast to counter the
influence of other terrorist outfits. ALL THE WHILE PREACHING
PANCHASHEEL PRINCIPLES – peaceful co-existance , respect for
neighbour's boundaries, etc, in the same breath. What ordinary Indians , commonfolk need is food , shelter , healthcare & education.

Take the case of USA , from the beginning since decades , it is the habit of US administrators, britishers   to sow the seeds of discontent between two countries , make them to go to war with each other ( simultaneously selling military hardware worth  billions of dollars to those same countries  by the way making profit in billions ) & to finally play the role of a truce maker thereby  getting a foothold in the newly formed government plus getting reconstruction projects worth billions of dollars leading to profit of billions. Just remember the US invasion of iraq , citing presence of WMDs, finally nothing was found. However USA  made billions of profit by business.

The common folk  of whichever country , whichever  religion you take , does not want war , everybody wants peace. The common folk need food , shelter , healthcare & education. It is the scheming politicians who go on the path of violence.  POOJYA BAPUJI's  , MAHATMA GANDHIJI's  principles of non violence , non interference in the affairs of other individuals / other countries , love / compassion for fellow human beings is much relevant today.

Hereby, e-Voice  urges the international war crimes tribunal , to
order the respective governments who aided terrorism ,to pay damages
to victim countries.

                                 CRIMES OF U.S PRESIDENT
From the day one the government of  USA  is selfish & violating the rights of other countrymen. During cold war days , to expand it's influence & to give more business for u.s arms manufacturers , the u.s.a sowed the seeds of terrorism in various countries & nurtured them through arms & finance supply , training. The AL-QUEDA & TALIBAN are it's own babies.
  The president bush of U.S.A was sufferring from low image ratings , the domestic economy was facing a slump , so to improve his own rating & bring more business to u.s industries , he schemed an inhuman ruthless plan. He wanted to take control of afghanisthan & iraq. He needed a ruse to invade them & concocted one murdering his very own countrymen.

  human rights watch has doubted the authenticity of  9/11 in it's articles months ago. it is just a ploy of the bush to  divert attention of public from his dipping ratings , domestic problems  like unemployment , economic lows and more importantly to find rather  fabricate a reason for attacking the arab world , iraq. finally , to  help it's MNCs mint millions in reconstuction , oil contracts, etc. it  is a savage act of bush for green bucks.


 The government of U.S.A thrown all international conventions into wind , lied about weapons of destruction in iraq & invaded a sovereign country iraq. Still , it was unabale to find any weapons of mass destruction in iraq. In it's greed for power , green bucks , it inhumanly tortured prisoners , took them to 3rd countries for torture , bugged phones of u.s citizens & violated human rights of u.s citizens. In his ego , greed mr.bush has violated all human rights of not only u.s citizens but also human rights of innocent iraqis , afghans , etc & thrown all international laws into winds.
  Now, the president himself has acknowledged the intelligence failure in iraq but defended his iraqi invasion. Mr. Bush will be remebered in the history books as a GREATEST LIAR , INHUMAN SCHEMING  MEGALAMONIAC & GREEDY  OLDMAN.

- By American Citizens

Our country was known as " Heaven On Earth" , "Land of Equality & Equal Oppurtunity" & the "Statue of Liberty" rightly symbolized the spirit of our country. Now USA is known as a "Terror State".

In the last 3 – 4 decades , the persons who occupied the office of President USA ,in their individual capacity took wrong , inhuman decisions , meddled in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations , spent our resources to create terrorist outfits like al-queda , Taliban in those countries.

In turn these terrorist outfits terrorized , murdered millions of innocents & this Frankenstein monster came home to roost on September 9 / 11 . After September 9 / 11 , each terror suspect is severely tortured in hell like Abu Garibh prison , elsewhere by our authorities. For argument sake let us accept
that these terrorists who murder innocents don't deserve kid glove treatment & rightly deserve 3rd degree torture. When a single terrorist deserve such inhuman 3rd degree torture , what quantum of punishment , torture – previous presidents of USA deserve – who created , aided & abetted thousands of such terrorists , terrorist outfits ?

Herby, we appeal to the honourable Supreme Court of USA to order the federal government to to make public :

1. how much US resources were spent from US TREASURY , to finance terrorist outfits , military juntas in other sovereign nations ?

2. is not Al-queda , Taliban creations of USA ?

3. did September 9 / 11 WTC attack truly happened by hijacked airplane or was it planned by US authorities ? see

4 . is racial profiling , profiling a particular community & suspecting all the muslims as terror suspects , right?

5. if it is right , the cretors of such terrorist outfits – past presidents of USA – who were Christians makes it logical to assume whole of our Christian community as terror suspect ?

6. is not use of 3rd degree torture on all type of suspects in US prisons & in the prisons of US allied countries at the behest of US authorities , right ? is it not violation of human rights & US laws ?

7. did US find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq , which was the main reason for US attacking Iraq ?

8. why not US authorities use scientific interrogation techniques like polygraph , lie detector tests instead of inhuman 3rd degree torture on terror suspects & suspects in other criminal cases ?

9 . what legal right our President of USA have , to illegally spend billions of our dollars on inhuman , llegal acts of terrorism , military coup , creation , aiding & abetting of terrorists , etc , in other sovereign nations ? while we are suffering from loss of jobs ,loss of home due to natural calamities , etc ?

Crux , Foundation of all religions is humanity , kindness & universal brotherhood. It is the preachers who misrepresent it. Terrorism created , aided , abetted by anybody is inhuman & wrong . Terrorism is creation of power hungry , selfish people & they must be legally punished .

Hereby , we appeal to the honorable supreme court of USA to legally prosecute Previous PRESIDENTS OF USA in the last 4 decades , for crimes of terror , as per the present US anti-terror laws.

Recently , in the issue of weekly publication  "The Week" , cabinet minister of government of srilanka (previously a deadly terrorist & right hand man of LTTE chief Prabhakaran ) Mr. Karuna , Himself has stated in an interview that LTTE received arms training in Tamilnadu State of India , to wage war against Government of Srilanka. The Justice Jain Commission Of Enquiry , which probed late PM Rajiv Gandhi's assassination case , also stated that Tamil Terrorist outfits in Srilanka Received monetary , financial , arms training support from government of India. GOI has even setup a radio station for tamil terrorists of srilanka , within Indian territory. GOI spent billions of dollars of Indian taxpayer's money for aiding & abetting terrorism , while billions of Indians were half starving & going without a single meal , without proper health care.

Recently  , in a media interview the president of Government of Pakistan Mr. Jardari himself has confessed that in the previous years the government of Pakistan has aided & abetted Terrorism for tactical gains of Pakistan , spending billions of dollars of Pakistani taxpayer's money. While ordinary  Pakistanis were suffering from starvation , lack of health care , etc.

All the above proves that Previous Presidents of Government of USA , previous Presidents of Government of Pakistan & Previous Prime Ministers of Government of India were the real master minds of TERRORISM , founded , aided , abetted TERRORISM FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH GAINS. In turn  Murdering  lakhs of innocent human beings. These guilty previous presidents & prime ministers are deadly than OSAMA BIN LADEN.

Hereby , we appeal to the Honorable Chief Justices of supreme courts of USA , INDIA , PAKISTAN  , BANGLADESH , SRILANKA & INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL , to legally prosecute the previous Prime Ministers of INDIA , the previous presidents of USA & PAKISTAN , on charges of master minding TERRORISM & murdering innocent people in their respective countries .

An appeal to honourable supreme court of USA & HE Honourable president of USA  Mr.Obama

Your government protects all Americans, all American companies both inside America & abroad. If an American tourist is murdered in a third country , American investigators fly over to that country  to conduct investigation in total disregard to local laws. In the same way , if the interests of an American company is threatened in a third country American government goes to it's rescue.

However , when an American company butchers , causes mass man slaughter in a third country , as an American company did in Bhopal India , no action by American government. Still the said American company has not removed , cleared the accident site of poisonous debris at Bhopal India since decades and still causing mass man slaughter  , no action by American government  why ?

Some US based companies are selling soft drinks , food products , medicines , drugs in third world countries , which are causing grave health damages to the public. The quality standards of these products are fit cases of rejections by US FDA. Some US companies are selling drugs ( which are banned in the USA ) to third world countries , still us companies are exporting such dangerous medicines , foods to third countries . no action by US government , why ? is it because you think that the lives of  non Americans are cheaper than Americans ?

Hereby, I do request your kindself ,

1 . to initiate criminal prosecution against US based key management personnel responsible for Bhopal gas tragedy .

2 . to make either the respective company management or US government to pay compensation to victims of Bhopal gas tragedy  on par with American lives , as if the same tragedy happened in the USA itself.

3 . to order the management of the said company to clean up Bhopal off poisonous debris , from the accident site at their own expense.

4 . To legally prosecute US exporters &  US based companies selling products  ( which violates US FDA regulations or banned in the USA for domestic consumption ) to third countries.





In India, it is nothing new to silence voices seeking justice. Only on paper , in the book called “Constitution of India” , every citizen is treated as equal . In practice , public servants behave as public masters & treat commoners worse . In Their crimes & actions our public servants even outsmart British occupiers. The criminal nexus of politician – police – public servant goes to any length to silence the voices seeking justice  , to threaten them  , to cut-off their sources of livelihood , to falsely implicate them  fix them in criminal cases , to assault them & finally to finish them. Indian judiciary has failed to uphold the “The Constitution of India” in letter & spirit. NOW, ONE MORE VOICE SEEKING JUSTICE IS ON THE FIRING LINES OF CRIMINAL NEXUS  - the voice of Mr. Nagaraj . M . R . editor , S.O.S-e – Voice For Justice.  Nagaraj will sooner or later will be added along with satyendra dubey & shanmughan Manjunath , by the criminal nexus.


In india , Law is one & same for all , however in it's implementation & enforcement  , the public servants are practicing double standards. Poor Innocents are harassed , tortured all in the name of law , rules , technicalities .

Whereas , Rich Criminals are manipulating the evidences , records & are going scot free. The Public Servants treat Rich Criminals Favourably with kid gloves ofcourse for a price.

Now , take for instance , public servants of the rank of supreme court chief justice & President of india are hiding information relating to crime , covering-up crimes , violating commoner's human rights , fundamental rights , obstructing citizen from performing their Constitutionally prescribed Fundamental Duties as  Citizens of India , no action by police , they are not even registering the complaint.

Whereas , if a commoner cover-ups a crime or evidence , he also becomes a criminal , if a commoner violates the fundamental / human right of a rich person , if a commoner obstructs a public servant from performing his public duties , all those become crimes & he is legally booked for each counts.

Why not police registering complaint  against the corrupt public servants for their crimes & it’s cover up. IS IT NOT DOUBLE STANDARD.

Will you lend your support for this democratic , non-violent struggle for peace , justice , along with Mr.Nagaraj.M.R. All humane persons are welcome.


Dalit woman's murder

TUMKUR: Honnamma (45), a dalit woman and an upcoming politician, was murdered in Gopalapura of Tumkur district on Monday by alleged supporters of the JD(S). Honnamma had unsuccessfully contested the gram panchayat elections twice.

Tumkur police arrested 10 JD(S) members on Friday, including JD(S) gram panchayat member and president of Choula Kattae panchayat Manjula, in connection with the murder. Ranganatha, Channamma, Rangaiah, Jayamma, Swamy, Ramaiah, Manju, Ramaiah and Satish are the others who were arrested. Two SIs have been suspended for dereliction of duty.

Honamma incurred the wrath of a section of the villagers with her plans to construct a temple in Gopalapura village. On Monday night, the miscreants lay in wait for her when she was returning from Huliyar. Nearly 20 villagers of Gopalapura attacked her with stones and left her to die in the drain. When Honamma pleaded for water, the attackers realized she was not dead after all. They then picked her up from the drain, attacked her further and killed her.

The police arrived on the scene an hour later but refused to move the body until the next day.

Fearing for her life, Honamma had approached the police for protection 15 days ago. She submitted a memorandum to Handhnkerae police station, the SP, the CM and the chief secretary saying her life was in danger.

SP P S Harsha has formed a special team to nab the other accused in the murder. Speaking to STOI, Harsha said the murder was a political and caste-based killing. He also claimed that the supporters belonged to the JD(S).

Truth Behind  9 / 11 WTC Attack


Double Standard : BP And Bhopal
By Bill Quigley & Alex Tuscano

When President Barak Obama went after BP and demanded a $20 billion dollar fund be set up for victims of the Gulf oil spill, the people of India were furious. They saw a US double standard. The US demonstrated it values human life within the US more than the lives of the people of India.
BP should pay $20 billion in compensation, probably even more. The people of India agree with that.
But people are angry because the US is treating the oil spill, called the worst environmental disaster in US history, in a radically different way than the US treated the explosion of a US-owned pesticide plant in Bhopal India, which some call the worst industrial disaster in history.
The 1984 Bhopal explosion released tons of toxic chemicals into the air, claimed the lives of between 15,000 and 20,000 people within two weeks, and disabled hundreds of thousands of others – many still suffering from physical damage and genetic defects.
The plant that exploded was operated by Union Carbide India Limited, a corporation owned by Union Carbide of the United States.
The disaster occurred in a thickly populated area close to the central railway station in Bhopal, an urban area of 1.5 million in the heart of India. Most people in the area lived in shanty huts.
Thousands of dead humans and animals filled the streets of Bhopal. Survivors complain of genetic damage which has caused widespread birth defects in children and even grandchildren of those exposed.
The soil and water of Bhopal remain toxic with heavy pesticide residue and toxic metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and chromium.
While President Obama displayed outrage at BP officials over the 11 deaths from the US oil spill, the US has refused to extradite Warren Anderson, the chair of Union Carbide, to face charges for his role in the Bhopal disaster.
Recall too that Obama advisor Larry Summers, then chief economist at the World Bank, stated in an infamous 1971 memo. “Just between you and me, shouldn’t the world Bank be encouraging MORE migration of the dirty industries to the Less Developed Countries?... I’ve always thought that under-populated countries in Africa are vastly UNDER-polluted…”
Obsolete and hazardous industries have been systematically transferred to the third world countries to not only exploit the cheap labor but also to avoid disastrous impact of these industries on the advanced countries.
Union Carbide put profit for the corporation above the lives and health of millions of people. Dow Chemical, which took over Union Carbide, is attempting to distance itself from all responsibility.
In India there were two Bhopal developments this month. The Indian government announced a compensation package of $280 million for Bhopal victims, about $22,000 for each of the families of the deceased according to the BBC, and seven former Indian managers of the Bhopal plant were given two year jail sentences for their part in the explosion. These legal developments are a mockery of justice for one of the world’s greatest disasters.
We call on the people of the US and the people of India to join together to demand our governments respect the human rights of all people, no matter where they live.
Together we must bring about change in corporate development. We have to emphasize social production for the needs of people and improved social relations.
If we continue to value some lives more than others, and to allow corporations to spoil some areas with impunity, our world will not last.
Unless we respect the human rights of all people and demand corporations do that as well, we will be damned to live out the Cree Indian prophecy “Only when the last tree from this earth has been cut down, only when the last river has been poisoned, only when the last fish has been caught, only then will humankind learn that money cannot be eaten.”
Saving Democracy From The Corporate Veil
By Gopal Krishna
Five things the US should do to quell the global outrage after the recent verdict in the Bhopal gas leak case and provide some justice to the victims
The labour pains for giving birth to an understanding of a trans-national corporation, the scope of its civil and criminal liability, its corporate veil and the chemical disaster of Bhopal is still far from over. By now it is clear that unless US government decides to act no one else can get to the bottom of the most complex industrial catastrophe known to mankind in the 20th century. Without the helpful intervention by the US President Barack Obama, the litigation process will never be able to provide justice to the victims and penalise the natural and artificial culprits.
As democracies, like Indian government, is it time for US government too to act as parens patriae (guardian) for the past, present and future victims of Bhopal in particular and for justice seeking people of the world. The parens patriae doctrine which was deemed as a pioneering innovation in jurisprudence was invoked for the protection of all victims of disaster but was sabotaged.
While government of India enacted itself as parens patriae, Dow Chemicals Company (after Union Carbide's merger in 2001) and its agent in the government have enacted for themselves a similar role for the global community of the trans-national corporations against justice seeking victims.
The global outrage against such sabotage stage-managed under the guidance of US government that has become evident in the aftermath of the June 7 verdict merits President Obama's intervention to set matters right. Taking recourse to judicial escapism instead of acting to evolve a jurisprudence of liability for corporations gravely endangers people's trust in democracy everywhere.
The deafening silence of the US president and legislature to ensure justice to the victims of corporation engineered mass disaster if not broken would constitute "yet another instance of American imperialism" in the words of US Judge Keenan who heard the Bhopal case in New York district court.
Unaccountable and ungovernable corporations are a threat to all the democracies. If democracy in US and India is indeed non-negotiable, it merits global efforts to Dow Chemicals and Warren Anderson accountable. This is required to fix the liability of a trans-national corporation. In a historic and touching "extraordinary act a foreign sovereign government seeking justice in an American court", India had appealed to the democratic judicial system of US for relief in the matter of industrial disaster of Bhopal caused by a US multinational corporation. How democratic governments of US and India respond to provide legal remedy sets a precedent that either legitimises or delegitamises its very existence.
The government of India filed a suit on September 5, 1986 for damages in the court of district judge, Bhopal (Regular Civil Suit N. 113/86) against the US company, Union Carbide Corporation, Connecticut, USA on behalf of all the persons, who have suffered damages due to Bhopal gas leak disaster praying for "a decree for punitive damages in an amount sufficient to deter the defendant Union Carbide and other multinational corporations involved in similar business activities from willful, malicious and wanton disregard of the rights and safety of citizens of India." The Indian government noted in its reply in the court that Union Carbide's management policies, states that "it is the general policy of the corporation to secure and maintain effective management control of an affiliate."
If the US is indeed a democratic state, its constitution is still alive then it must make corporations like Dow Chemicals and British Petroleum liable and accountable for their acts of omission and commission. The following steps are required in US towards that end:
1. The US government should accept the above submission of the government of India that "the corporation and its subsidiaries are treated as a unit, without regard to the location of responsibility within that unit". Consequently, an illegal act by it be deemed as the act of the corporation, without consideration to its location of responsibility. The customary alibi of corporations like Dow Chemicals is an act in sophistry designed to conceal fact of crime and criminals of the upper-world. The US government should disclose all the trade secrets of the Union Carbide Corporation and its research and development centre that Union Carbide operated in Bhopal since 1976 that was suspected to be experimenting with wartime use of chemicals. This suspicion regarding the disaster being a consequence of experimenting with war time chemicals is yet to be probed. US government should undertake and facilitate such probe.
2. The US government must take note of the verdict by the chief judicial magistrate, Bhopal, wherein it is stated, "Warren Anderson, UCC USA and UCC Kowlnn Hong Kong are still absconding and therefore, every part of this case (criminal file) is kept intact along with the exhibited and un-exhibited documents and the property related to this case, in safe custody, till their appearance". In the interest of justice for the Bhopal victims, the US government should expedite the process of extraditing Anderson at the earliest.
3. Dow Chemicals Company has set aside $2.2 billion to address future asbestos-related liabilities arising out of the Union Carbide acquisition. How is that Dow Chemicals can take the asbestos liability of Union Carbide and not the liability for the industrial catastrophe in Bhopal? The US government should volunteer its assistance in ascertaining the Bhopal disaster's inherited liability of Dow Chemicals Company.
4. The US government should promote acceptance of the resolution of UN Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights that approved the 'UN norms on the responsibilities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises with regard to human rights' as a step towards ensuring corporate accountability. Article 18 of the norms called on trans-national corporations and other business enterprises to make reparations for damage done through their failure to meet the standards spelled out: "Transnational corporations and other business enterprises shall provide prompt, effective and adequate reparation to those persons, entities and communities that have been adversely affected by failures to comply with these norms through, inter alia, reparations, restitution, compensation and rehabilitation for any damage done or property taken. In connection with determining damages, in regard to criminal sanctions, and in all other respects, these norms shall be applied by national courts and/or international tribunals, pursuant to national and international law."
5. In memory of victims of Bhopal, the US and Indian governments should call for a mandatory regime for regulating trans-national corporations unlike UN's voluntary global compact and reject the report of the United Nations Secretary-General's Special Representative for Business and Human Rights wherein it underlined the need for voluntary regulation and self compliance by the companies saying, "While corporations may be considered organs of society, they are specialised economic organs, not democratic public interest institutions.
If there is one lesson that democracies across the world have clearly not learnt from industrial disasters, it is to ascertain the nature of all the genocidal acts of corporations and the very legal design of the corporation so as to make it genuinely governable by democratic legislatures. A befitting tribute to victims of Bhopal lies in learning this lesson in order to prevent future industrial warfare that irreparably undermines intergenerational equity.
The Cost Of An Indian Life
By Dr. Vispi Jokhi

Twenty-six years ago the people of Bhopal were exposed to a lethal gas in one of the world's worst industrial accident. But, was it an accident? The answer is contrary to popular perception a resounding "No". Because we as a nation have rulers who have devalued our lives to such an extent that we have not one but many Bhopals which have occurred in the past, which occur daily and will continue to do so in the future and we will not even notice or see and raise even a whimper of protest any of these events.
To just list a few examples I would like to mention more than a lakh suicides by farmers all over the country, sub-saharan levels of hunger poverty and destitution, high infant and maternal mortality due to lack of sanitation and clean drinking water and primary health care facilities, callous displacement of tribals and the poor in the name of large dams, factories, mines, SEZ's, factories, ports. I can go on and on. But is it only the Government who needs to be blamed? Are we all not guilty with our apathy and complicit acceptance of these policies of successive governments? Our obsession with GDP, sensex driven growth has led to wanton destruction of the environment and massive unrest among the poor and dispossessed masses of India. Besides the above issues, India loses so many human lives to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, drought and such other phenomenon. All this was accepted as our karma when we were ruled by the Englishmen, but in 1947 our rulers gave us a constitution which pronounced that we became a sovereign socialistic secular republic where all citizens are equal before the law.
Our "chalta hain " attitude and disregard for rule of law and poor civic sense are responsible for state of our nation today. We need to turn the mirror to our own faces and correct ourselves. Our non-caring so long as the issue is not directly related to us is completely wrong as we must realize that in the welfare of all lies our own welfare. Discipline, civic sense, compassion for our poor unseen brethren, moderation in all aspects of life are the stepping stones to reversing the reasons for the Bhopals. We must put a value to the life of every Indian and not allow people to become mere statistics. Accountability, rule of law and equality before law must be the corner stones of the future path of our nation.
Bhopal is a mere symptom of a deep rooted disease which needs to be tackled by systemic change and course correction in favor of a sustainable economic growth pattern based on human happiness sound ecological principles. I do not see any attempt to do this in all the sound and fury of the outrage which the Bhopal verdict has elicited among the middle class.
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