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Monday, July 25, 2016

Hidden PILs RTI Appeals

Dear  Madam / Sir ,
   Judges & Police Hiding  Truth

   Chief Justice of India ,  Public servants , Various  state Director Generals of Police  & Home Secretaries  are not answering our RTI queries since years. They are  afraid  of TRUTH , as it will  vindicate their crimes.   Hereby , we urge them once again to fully answer  following RTI  Questions and urge CJI to  admit following PILs , pass orders accordingly. The delay  in taking action  by police & judges  with respect to RTI appeals , PILs is aiding criminals and causing deaths of innocents.  Intentional negligence of duties  by   above mentioned public servants   does not make the following cases time barred and  will  make them  personally responsible for  all the resulting crimes.
Read :

Here with I  have sent  PILs  , RTI  Appeals  digitally signed by me.

Date : 26.07.2016                                Thanking You ,
Place : Mysuru                                      Nagaraja.M.R.